Signs Your Home Needs a Foundation Replacement in Encinitas


Foundation-Replacement-EncinitasThe foundation is one of the most crucial aspects of your home, and if anything goes wrong, it could compromise the whole structure. The most important aspect of foundation repairs is catching the signs early and doing the repairs before the damages extend too much. Following are some signs that your home needs a foundation replacement

Cracks in Walls & Uneven Floors

Horizontal or stair-step cracks in walls, floors, or around doorways can indicate foundation settlement or movement. Floors that slope or are uneven could suggest foundation issues, especially if the slope is significant or has worsened over time.

Poor Water Drainage

Water is by far the leading cause of foundation problems, and if you’ve noticed that your home has water drainage problems, it’s a sign you need to repair the foundation. When water accumulates around the foundation, it causes the soil to expand and add pressure to foundation footing and walls. This, in turn, leads to cracks both inside and outside the property. 

Wall Separation

Cracks or gaps between walls and ceilings could indicate that the house is settling unevenly due to foundation issues. As your foundation deteriorates, it will take the walls with it. This can open up large gaps and lead to problems like mold, mildew and rot.

Need a Foundation Replacement in Encinitas?

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